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Restrone, a cloud based restaurant management software which helps you to manage your restaurant from anywhere. To efficiently manage your restaurant It includes all the necessary features like billing, stock management, table reservation, delivery management etc.

Powerful features which make it suitable for restaurants

  • Quick Billing

    Restrone gives you the power to do quick Billing with the help of advanced UI sections.

  • Kot management

    Restrone also helps you manage KOT (kitchen order ticket).

  • Item management

    You can also manage Items which you are selling in the restaurant.

  • Stock management

    You can manage stock of raw material up to the smallest unit with Restrone.

  • Table management

    You can reserve tables or check table status i.e. free/In-use..

  • Delivery management

    You can keep track of the delivery order of a customer with delivery management tool.

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